Own Your Website

Frustrated with complicated systems like Drupal and Wordpress?
Responsive is the simplest way to change text and photos, and works best from your phone. No apps, no code, no complicated web site builders. Just click, edit, save.

Used By:

Business Owners
and Everyone Else

Customize and update with ease.

Simply touch what you want to edit. Click on a photo to swap it out with a new one.

No computer?
No problem!

The best experience is on mobile devices. Make edits to your website quickly and on the go from your phone's browser.

Try it on your phone

Freedom For Builders

Do you build websites? Develop and deploy with ease.
Responsive attaches our touch and edit content management tools when you upload, saving time and leaving you to do what you do best - create.

Made For:

Web Developers

Blank Slate

No dependencies, directory structure, or complicated developer portal. If it works on your computer, it will work on our cloud.

  • Build a website using your favorite text editor in languages you are already familiar with: HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • Include any external libraries, content, and images in the code

  • Finally, zip up the root folder and upload it to Responsive

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Simple Admin

Maintain your projects effectively.

No complicated administrator dashboard. Visually oversee your current web projects in an organized interface.